The SMB Ops Show

The SMB Ops Show

Hosted by: Joshua Schultz

The SMB Ops show is an exploration into the mental models and decisions processes of operators with Joshua Schultz.


How To Operate A Boot Brand: A Masterclass in Brand Building

Season #1

In this episode, I sit down with Will Roman owner of Chisos in Austin, TX. Will has built a boot brand from scratch, and in just a few years, has built an amazing community of raving fans and dedicated customers. Will...
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How To Operate a Dock Sales & Service Business

Season #1 Episode #6

In this episode, I sit down with Colin Pottebecker from Waters Edge, a dock sales and service business in New England. Colin is building an incredible business, focused on a niche buyer set, in a specific geographic....
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How To Operate a Garage Upgrade Business

Season #1 Episode #5

Jon Matzner and I go over how he used systems and processes to take a non-scalable business to 7 locations and a business-in-a-box model. We cover the systems, working with overseas talent, and the power of...
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How To Operate An Audiology Office

Season #1 Episode #4

Cliff Carey breaks down how he runs multiple audiology offices in the his episode of the SMB Ops Show! He goes deep on  Building high-functioning teams Optimizing appointments and scheduling Using energy flow rhythms...
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How To Operate A Cage Manufacturer

Season #1 Episode #3

Joshua Paulson and I dig into his niche manufacturing business and explore how he's built a number of internal capabilities by tackling bottlenecks, thinking lean, and removing costs. Not only is Joshua's business...
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Ops Talk: Running Operational Meetings

Season #2 Episode #2

Rich, @GuessworkInvest, and I cover meetings, their impact on operations, worries and fears about implementation, and what we've seen work. Listen along for real talk on what we are doing, why it works, and how you...
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How To Operate A Grocery Store

Season #1 Episode #2

In this conversation, Rob Labonne breaks down his business operations for Labonne Grocery. We cover metrics, culture, and the importance of the minimum wage job in America. Follow Josh on Twitter:...
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Ops Talk: Approaching Your Business Like A Scientist

Season #2 Episode #1

Josh and Rich talk about latest acquisitions, post-acquisition troubles, when not to use NoCode tools, building the operations playbook, and approaching your business like a scientist. 00:00 Acquisition talk 8:38...
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How To Operate a Plumbing Company

Season #1 Episode #1

In this conversation Rich Jordan breaks down his business operations for Garon T Plumbing, sharing his strategies, metrics, and leadership style. Follow Josh on Twitter: Learn more...
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