Ops Talk: Approaching Your Business Like A Scientist

Season #2 Episode #1

Josh and Rich talk about latest acquisitions, post-acquisition troubles, when not to use NoCode tools, building the operations playbook, and approaching your business like a scientist.

00:00 Acquisition talk

8:38 The value of building your playbook

11:08 Approaching your business like a scientist

14:13 Multi-location operations

17:00 Building accountable teams

23:57 Preventing unbalanced operations and metric bureaucracy

29:19 Focusing on the bottleneck

33:03 Building for the long term

39:26 Dirty accounting secrets of SMB books

46:45 Why Josh isn't building nocode tools

50:00 Non-intrusive tools

52:15 Don't forget the most important thing!

53:08 "Nothing is going to change", except everything post-acquisition

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